Bird Watching in DALYAN

Dalyan birdwatching

Ornithology is an observation sport, which maintains the identification of the nature from views of the birds. Birds, which are the best the indicators of a healthful environment, are present within all kinds of life ambient. You can perform bird observation nearly everywhere around the Dalyan. 180 kinds of bird species have been registered up to today.


Dalyan birdwatching

Dalyan Köycegiz Lake is situated on the important bird immigration roads,various bird species can be found round the Dalyan delta including White Tailed Eagle, Common Buzzard, Black Kite and Kestral. Kingfisher is one of the most common birds in Dalyan area.


Dalyan 12 island sailing trip

Dalyan is also a popular destination for people on special interest holidays for Bird Watching.

This is a part of one birdwather's report:

"... I saw 95 species which was a good haul given my relatively limited experience and time and lack of car on most days. I also lack a telescope which frequently prevented effective identification of a number of species. I saw 25 new species to me which perhaps shows my inexperience, but I was obviously extremely pleased with this total. Given the locations visited, I was surprised at the lack of wetland species - only the heron species are well represented in the list...
I saw lots of reptiles - scores of tortoises, several snakes and many lizards. We got up early to see leatherback turtles one morning...
In conclusion, a great country to visit - for birdwatching and a general holiday. The Turks are fabulously friendly and hospitable and Dalyan itself is a pleasant quiet resort, albeit rapidly expanding outwards (at least building over two storeys is prohibited). I would like to return ..."